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  • Dontee Leegray

    Tickets is $40 if they don't have $40 is going to be $60 down. Country boy today is excited to see everybody on the 22nd he want the whole house to beep at 4 he is signing autograph early before 6 before you get there early he will be signing autographs as well he won't let the little kids come early so that they can get a autograph concert don't start after after 8 so we got enough time they got enough time to get something to eat and get there and get his tickets and come to the show as well I'm excited for the people can't make it who's going through this coronavirus in crisis he want everybody to know is going to be he want to let y'all know he wanted on TV for the people can't make it it's going to be excited he's he's really good he know how to wrap hair country singer he do both he is really good I work with him most bought every single day about every day in the studio every day he been working hard working hard working hard and hard and we just love him we love him the death so I'm going to be there he's going to be there his security guard in this Grandad is going to be there as well he's Society he all he told his Grandad are all about it he will be pulling up in the mow so he excited don't let don't let no screen goes to strangers and get close to him he need more security guards cuz we only got one security guard so I don't know if y'all can please block for the people not to come where the stage area at doing the vent all right we love y'all and I don't think I was too much and we cannot wait to see y'all on the 22nd

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