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How do I add ticket links to my events via Tourbox?

Time to sell some tickets

To add ticket links to your managed artists' events, simply head over to Tourbox and click the 'Edit events' button to view a list of each artist's upcoming shows.

Select the 'Ticket links' button for a specific show to add a link for that event:

From here, there are two methods to add a ticket link to your event. 
1) Direct ticket link

If you're using our website widget or Facebook app to display tour dates to your fans, you can specify exactly where the 'Find tickets' button for each show links out to.

You'll see you can point your fans either to the Songkick event page, or directly to a custom URL of your choosing. If you opt for the latter, simply paste the URL into the field and click 'Save'. 

Using direct ticket links will mean that a fan can click straight through to the link you've pasted, without visiting Songkick on the way. 

2) Add tickets to Songkick

Alternatively, you can add ticket links to the Songkick event page. Simply paste the point-of-purchase URL into the ticket link field (along with price and on-sale date if available) and click 'Save'. The link will be added to the event on the Songkick website and on our iPhone and Android apps.

It's worth noting that we take a quick look at the URL to check we recognize the vendor, and that it's a direct point-of-purchase link. If you find that your links aren't being accepted, it's likely not an approved vendor. If you run into this problem, drop us an email and we'll see how we can help.

That's it! Lather, rinse, repeat for all your upcoming events. If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch

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